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How do you market a product that is larger than a football field and weighs 115,000 pounds?


Precision Conversions converts Boeing 757 passenger aircraft into freighters. This is a highly skilled industry with very little, yet fierce competition. So, how do you market a product that is larger than a football field and weighs 115,000 pounds? Being new to the market, Precision could not rely on the company's experience to promote their product and capabilities. Thus, InAvanti, their lead agency came to us for alternatives.


We worked closely with our client to develop a compartmentalized marketing strategy that would promote Precision Conversions in three stages; the first would center on publicizing the managing partners' experience within the industry. This would help communicate the message that although the company was new, the resources behind it had vast knowledge. The second stage was to focus on the conversion process and product. Once this message was appropriately established, the highlighted superiority of the product would bring in customers. The last stage was to secure market dominance through outstanding product support and maintainability.


We have worked closely with our client to establish Precision Conversions' position in the aircraft cargo conversion market. Having delivered converted aircraft to worldwide carriers like IcelandAir, TNT Cargo, and Shanghai Airlines, Precision Conversions is on the fast track to become the industry leader. The company is now on stage three, developing web-based product support and maintenance modules what will allow customers to access maintenance manuals and records from anywhere in the world.

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